Does your design portray originality in its execution?


Does your design offer practicality and have the ability to drive commercial value?


Does your design facilitate the ease of use for its inhabitants?


Does your design possesses the ability to transcend time?

Material & Detailing

Does the choice of material & application of detailing reflects good understanding of material and its context?


Does your design fits its purpose? Does it successfully fulfill the intended needs?


Does it create harmonious color palette and balance between selected colors? Does it implement creative us of colors to produce a prominent design?


  • The entries will be judged by distinguished and honorary personalities in the industry.

  • Judges’ decision is final.

  • The judges will pick a Gold winning entry and a Silver winning entry for each category. However, the judges reserve the right not to name any winning entry in a particular category in the event of no deserving winning project.

  • Any costs and expenses incurred in attending the awards ceremony are at the responsibility of participants / winners.


  • Open to any design professional with a registered company in Malaysia.

  • Entries are encouraged from individuals, partnerships, team work and those working in larger practices.

  • Multiple entries are permitted from the same design professional. This will involve a separate submission and entry fees.

  • Entry/ Entries (projects) outside or within Malaysia are acceptable.


Publicity & Copyright
  • By entering this competition, the applicant confirms that they have obtained their clients’ written approval to enter and for any resultant of publicity. In case of residential in particular, the client’s name and the project address will not be published. Specific information about project budgets will not be released for publication.

  • By entering, the applicant (if not the practice principal) confirms that they have obtained the authority of the principal to enter the competition, including for any resultant publicity. 

  • The organizer does not make any claims on copyright or intellectual property of the designs entered other than the rights outlined in the following paragraph. By entering the competition, the applicant agrees to absolve the Organizer from any liability relating to confidentiality or intellectual issues that may be raised by any party.

  • The organizer reserves the right to exhibit or publish any or all the entries. By entering the competition, the applicants or owner gives permission to the Organizer to publish, exhibit and promote the content of the submission (except, in the case of residential interiors, when the client’s name and the projects address will not be published).

  • In all promotional activities, the Organizer will endeavor to promote the name of the design firm/s and, where the Organizer is made aware of their names and to the extent that the Organizer can exert editorial control, photographers will be acknowledged. All finalists must be prepared to submit further details for exhibitions and publications if required, such as additional photograph, drawings, and other information.

  •  Applicant acknowledges that the Organizer has the right to reproduce materials in whole or part without payment of release or licensing fees to the holder of publication rights or copyright.


Terms & Conditions
  • An entry shall be excluded from the event:

      (a) If it is received after the advertised closing date.​

      (b) If it does not fulfill entry terms and conditions.​

      (c) If it is incomplete or does not conform to the above.

  • The Organizer is committed to providing a fair, ethical & competitive platform for all design professionals, ensuring high standard of outcome. The Organizer will make every attempt to ensure accuracy, currency and reliability of the information included in our publication. However, changes in the content and process may become necessary at the absolute discretion of the Organizer. The Organizer accepts no liability for any use of the said content or reliance placed upon it.

  • Entry Submission & Payment

      . Each Entry Fee:

           RM300 - JIDA Member; 

           RM450 - Non-JIDA Members;

           RM50 - Student

      . Bank in your Entry Fee via online-banking to:

            Account name: Johor Interior Designers’ Association

            Bank: Public Bank Account Number: 3126047324

      . Kindly retain payment bank-in slip and upload to for proof of payment


1. Download submission form and attach details as below:


     a. Images (Both High & Low Resolution Images)

       . You must submit 8-12 photo (not visualizations or 3d rendering) of your projects in high AND low resolution formats.

       . FOR “STUDENT” CATEGORY:   you are allowed to submit visualizations or 3d rendering.

       . To use the highest JPG or JPEG quality settings available.

       . To ensure the images are displayed in order of importance. Label 01 of 08, 02 of 08 etc accordingly.

       . You will remain anonymous during the judging process. Name of design firms will not appear with images, floor plans, or any

         written and support materials.

       . High resolution Images:

          - To submit JPG or JPEG images that are at least 300 dpi resolution or 3500 pixels wide, with a file size of larger than 20MB.

          - Please grant access for "" for downloading the images if you send files through G Drive

       . Low Resolution Images:

          - To submit JPG or JPEG images that are at least 100 dpi resolution or 1980 pixels wide, with a file size of larger than 3MB.


       b.. Plan & Elevation

          - You must submit proper working drawings of your project in PDF format, with a file size no larger than 10MB.

          - You are required to submit furniture layout plan.


       c. Project Name, address, completion year and description (not more than 300 words)

2. Email to with Bank-in/ transfer slip attached.

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Download now!

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